What’s in your handbag?

What do you carry in your handbag? I emptied mine the other day and there was so much crap!

Obviously I had the usual/normal things – purse, keys, phone, hand sanitiser.

I also had lip balm, hand cream, a hairbrush, mascara, powder, mini deodorant and dental floss. A mobile beauty parlour. Of course.

The there was nappies, wipes and Sudocrem. The joys of being a Mum.

I had two measuring tapes, a Peppa Pig figurine, face paint from Halloween, sellotape, a roll of Sophia the First stickers, a left contact lense (who knows where the right is?) and a chewed up skittle.

Firstly, how do I fit all of that in my bag?! That’s not even including the mulch of receipts, sweetie wrappers, pens, pen lids and kirby grips.

And, secondly, why do I need of that shit? I don’t think I use even half of  it!

What do you have in your bag? Is it similar to mine? Do you carry as much junk as I do?

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Taking a break.

I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s been a few months actually.

I felt like what I wrote didn’t matter, nobody read it, nobody cared.

I can’t keep up with other bloggers and Instagramers and Pinterest enthusiasts. My little blog isn’t as fun or as interesting, my pictures aren’t “insta-worthy” and my house is a riot of mess and noise

But after a few months off and a bit of time to have a good think, I realised I’m not writing for likes or for followers or for anyone else really. I’m doing it for myself. I’m doing it to help my sanity, I’m writing to help me with my sense of self.

If I can have some fun and make some friends along the way, then, even better.

Here’s to me!

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My fear of being touched

Most people who know me, know about my touch aversion. I don’t think everyone understands how bad it can get sometimes.

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They’ll always be my babies. 

Do you ever just look at your babies and get so overwhelmed with emotion. You think to yourself I made that little ( or not so little) creature. You are little parts of me.

I can’t even properly put into words how much love I feel for my children. There are some moments where it just halts me in my tracks. It takes my breath away. It’s usually when we’ve had a really busy* day. I eventually get to bed and on my way I stop in to check on Connie and Angus.

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10 Differences between the first and second children.

Angus has just turned one. One whole year old. I can’t believe it! It has made me think how quickly time passes, it also got me thinking about how different things were, with him compared to with Connie.

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Packing for a day out with littles.

When you go anywhere with children you pretty much have to pack the entire house, including the kitchen sink.

We carry sooo much stuff!

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Connie the trucker.

To continue Connie’s Year of Transport Papa took her out in his lorry. She loved it!

She helped him clean the lorry, inside and out, she was co-driver telling him where to go and she took great joy in waving to the other drivers and having them wave back!

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