10 Differences between the first and second children.

Angus has just turned one. One whole year old. I can’t believe it! It has made me think how quickly time passes, it also got me thinking about how different things were, with him compared to with Connie.

  1. With Connie we were spoon-feeding her mashed up food for ages, too scared to give her anything she might choke on. With Angus, we pretty much let him have at it. Connie kept giving him whatever she was having and he didn’t choke, so we just went with it. We’ve gotten so lazy we don’t even spoon feed him mashed potato, because who cares about mess when spoon feeding means your dinner gets cold.
  2. I was so on top of Connie’s wardrobe when she was a baby. As soon as she would fit into 9-12 month clothes, her wardrobe was fully stocked and the 6-9 month clothes packed up. Today I took out a vest for Angus and only realised when i was trying to do up the poppers that it is in fact 6-9 months. Poor boy.
  3. We constantly had the baby monitor on up until Connie was nearly two years old. If she made a single sound one of us was in the room quick as lightning. I don’t even know where the baby monitor is now and Angus has to be making a fair racket before we go through. Usually by the time we get to his bedroom door he’s asleep already so we’ve stopped going unless he really goes for it.
  4. I napped when Connie napped. It was fantastic. However, Connie had stopped napping when Angus was born (and in the rare event she did nap, it was sods law that she would do it at opposite times to Angus). Of course that’s when I could’ve used naps the most.
  5. I was quite lonely when Connie was a baby. I was always nervous getting out of the house, scared of nappy accidents and public projectile vomiting incidents. On top of that, I couldn’t drive. Living in the Highlands of Scotland, I was always fearful of getting out then having to walk home in the rain. Now, I couldn’t care less about embarrassing baby incidents and I can drive  – Hurrah!
  6. We bathed Connie every single night. Part of a very packed bedtime routine. Angus is lucky if he gets a bath twice a week.
  7. We were so eager to have Connie walk, constantly holding her hands and walking round and round the house. It’s more of a “he’ll do it when he’s ready” attitude for Angus. Realising that having them walk means no peace at all.
  8. Saying that, once Connie was wobbling around by herself I was a terrible helicopter Mum. So terrified of her falling. I’m not as bad with Angus as I was with Connie.
  9. For Connie’s first birthday and Christmas we spent a tonne of money on stuff that she would barely use. With Angus, we chose a couple of toys we knew he’d love and some clothes he’ll definitely get the wear out of.
  10. We had more child free nights when it was just Connie. It was easier to get our parents took commit to looking after one little person. Now there’s two of them it’s like a military operation trying to get them from one house to another with everything they need.

About Beth Mackintosh

Mum of two, well, three if you count the man child. Weddings, skating competitions and the smell of a new book 👌🏼
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