We’re going on an adventure!

A couple of weeks ago I took Connie on a little trip to Aviemore on the train. She loved it. So much so that she then set her sights higher. Much higher. Connie went on and on (and on) about going on an airplane.

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Birth Stories II

(The one I didn’t enjoy much)

The morning sickness was a billion times worse than it had been with Connie, I had horrible PVG so I had to finish work early, and I was in and out of hospital with reduced fetal movement and high blood pressure when I was pregnant with Angus.

The whole pregnancy made me feel like a whale with a water allergy. 

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Birth Stories (I love ’em)

The Connie Chapter. 

I loved labour with Connie. Seriously. Bloody loved it. The only thing I would’ve changed is how long it took. Start to finish I was seventy two hours.
I started contracting at Daniels parents house while opening Christmas presents. At this point I didn’t realise it was contractions, just thought I was building a poo.

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Being a better Mum

I’ve noticed recently that a haven’t been doing so well at this whole Mum thing. I’ve been a bit shouty and a bit boring and lazy. So, it’s time to be better. Have more fun with the littles and give the some new experiences and great memories.

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10 Ways My Life Will Be Easier Now I’ve Passed My Driving Test. 

I never posted last week because I was doing an intensive driving course.

I started learning to drive after I had Connie. I got to the point where my instructor was nagging me daily to sit my theory because I was going to be ready to sit my practical soon and couldn’t if I hadn’t passed my theory.

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Tidy up time…

Now Connie had started nursery she is excellent at shouting “tidy up time!” When things get too messy or it’s nearly time to leave/have dinner/go to bed. However, she’s absolutely awful at actually tidying up.

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“You shouldn’t compare them”

Angus and Connie are so different.

Connie was so fast to learn everything when she was a baby, she was rolling just before she turned three months old, she was crawling by five miles months she old, she was holding her own bottle at seven and a half months and cruising at eight.

Angus on the other hand, is seven and a half months old now and so far he has mastered rolling over, which he started at about five months.

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