About Me

photos-28th-sep-2016-927Beth, Mummy, Mum, Lizzie, Blondie, Tosh, I answer to them all.

I’m a 25 year old mother of two (well…three if you count the man child!)  living in the highlands of Scotland. Engaged, I know, he’s a lucky guy, to a wonderful bearded beauty for two years.

More often than not you will find me surfing Pinterest looking up wedding ideas. Although we’re currently  not planning getting married, a girl must be prepared!

I’m usually covered in baby sick, snot, or drool. Sometimes found rocking quietly in a corner mumbling about how I thought it would get better when she turned three. (It’s been six days, still not better, if anything, worse. Much worse.)

I swear a lot (sorry Mum), say inappropriate things at the wrong time, enjoy afternoon naps by the fire and going to bed early. I’m basically a cantankerous old man. 

There is a constant battle going on within me. I want, no, need to lose weight but I really reeeeeaaaaaally like fatty foods.

In a bid to reclaim my body from fatty foods and baby weight, I have joined my local synchronized ice skating squad. I skated with one of the teams for about thirteen years before I left to have my babies and just couldn’t stay away so I’ve joined our adult team.

That’s about it really, that’s me. Quite boring.

You can find me on Instagram : magic_tosh


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