Five reasons going back to work is good.

That’s me started back to work, a nice three day week. I’m actually really enjoying it, it’s good for all of us, and here’s why:

1. I remember who I am when I’m at work. I’m an adult with a name. I don’t get called “Muuuuuuuum Mummy! Mum Mum Mum!” constantly all day. In fact it’s like remembering I’ve got this whole other life, I’m a whole other person besides being Mum. I’m not just “Connie and Angus’ Mum” I get to joke about adult things, talk to other adults and most importantly have lunch without “can I have some?” Or “Muuuuuuum, I’ve done a poo come wipe my bum!” It’s good for my sanity.

2. It’s good for Daniel. He gets to spend some time with the kids by himself. He has to pick them up, take them home, give them dinner and get them to bed. He’s really enjoying it too. Even when Connie is being, how should I put it? Uuuummm… challenging. It also means he’s had to learn too cook. I’m impressed. He’s not that bad in the kitchen!

3. It’s good for the kids. I’m only working three days a week so I still have plenty of time at home with them but they’re also getting a good bit of time away from me. I think it’s good for them to spend time with others. Connie is in nursery now so she has lots of other children and adults to socialise with and Angus goes to our childminder and he just LOVES her. It’s important they don’t become overly reliant on me. Don’t get me wrong I want to do everything for them but they need to learn to be independent and not cling to me constantly.

4. It’s good for us as a family. Me being back at work means we don’t get as much time all together, so when we do, we cherish it more. When we have that time, we’re more likely to do something, and make the most of it because we don’t get it as often.

5. And of course it’s good for our bank balance. As nice as it would be to be a stay at home Mum, we wouldn’t have the money for the little luxuries like going out for dinner or going to the cinema.

So, we’re all happier for me going back to work. Everyone is a winner!


About Beth Mackintosh

Mum of two, well, three if you count the man child. Weddings, skating competitions and the smell of a new book 👌🏼
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