Being a better Mum

I’ve noticed recently that a haven’t been doing so well at this whole Mum thing. I’ve been a bit shouty and a bit boring and lazy. So, it’s time to be better. Have more fun with the littles and give the some new experiences and great memories.

Connie has been wanting to go on a train for ages now. I was supposed to take her to Aberdeen last year but she fell ill the day before we were supposed to go.
When we dropped my friend off at the train station on Friday it’s all Connie could talk about. Trains, trains, trains.
So Saturday I booked us a ticket to Aviemore, just a short half an hour journey, but still plenty of fun!
We went into town, picked up my new glasses (I’m in love with them by the way!) and I let Connie choose where to go for lunch. Pizza Hut. Oh joy. Joking, I frighin’ love Pizza Hut!

The queue was so long for lunch that we had to scarf it down quick and rush to the station to pick up the tickets.

We made it in time and found a seat, Connie was so surprised that there were tables on the train! “I can draw here Mummy!”

She took great joy in keeping a hold of the ticket and handing it to the conductor!

She made friends with the lady opposite us, giving her a show and tell on “What’s in Mummy’s bag” and she played peekaboo between the seats with the couple behind us.

I kept pointing out cows, sheep, houses, trees, birdies etc out the window and 9/10 she wasn’t quick enough looking up to see them. So eventually she just sat staring out the window constantly so she wouldn’t miss anything!

We arrived and surprise surprise Daniel was late! So we walked off down the high street on the hunt for a cake and a juice. Ashers Bakery is amazing, their caramel cakes are to die for.

I couldn’t even get a picture of Connie with her cake before it was gone!

So attractive.

When Daddy arrived -at last- we headed of to The Funhouse at The Hilton Coylumbridge. After I gave him a telling off for not getting Angus changed out of his pyjamas.

The kids had fun in the soft play and there were minimal tantrums when we went to leave. Win.

The trip home in the car was quiet both kids were very sleepy. I always think that’s a sign of a good day.

So here’s to more trips like that and more firsts for the album!


About Beth Mackintosh

Mum of two, well, three if you count the man child. Weddings, skating competitions and the smell of a new book 👌🏼
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