10 Ways My Life Will Be Easier Now I’ve Passed My Driving Test. 

I never posted last week because I was doing an intensive driving course.

I started learning to drive after I had Connie. I got to the point where my instructor was nagging me daily to sit my theory because I was going to be ready to sit my practical soon and couldn’t if I hadn’t passed my theory.

I then stopped driving for various reasons, although mainly because I was scared to sit the theory.

I didn’t think about it again until I had Angus three years later. I HAD learn to drive or I couldn’t go back to work.

So Daniel took the hints, he bought me my weeks intensive course for Christmas, I passed the dreaded theory in January and passed the practical on Friday.


So here it is, the 10 ways driving will make my life easier:

  1. I can go back to work now I’m driving. If I had to walk I would struggle to get Connie to nursery, Angus to the childminder and me to work. I’d end up paying more in childcare because they’d have to go in earlier to give me enough time to walk to work.
  2. I can have a social life! Hurrah! Going out to meet friends was difficult. It depended a lot on the weather and how far away it was. There will be no more cancelling at the last minute because it’s started pouring rain and Connie won’t walk in it.
  3. No more late night walking. I quite often skate or (will soon) work until about eight or nine at night. Daniel couldn’t come and get me because he had put the littles to bed already. Now I’ll be driving home!
  4. I don’t have to leave an hour before I have to be there. Most places take about forty five minutes to an hour to get to on foot, the only place I don’t walk to is town because there’s a bus. Now I can leave fifteen minutes before!
  5. I’m not waiting until the weekend when Daniel is off. I can go shopping or take the kids out to whatever new and cool thing is going on across town whenever I want.
  6. I can visit friends and family. My friends always have to visit me because they drive. It’s easier for them than it is for me. Not anymore.
  7. I can help other people. My Mum doesn’t drive, so when my Dad is away she struggles to get shopping done. Now I can take her!
  8. Last minute appointments have always been a bit hairy for me. My doctor is fantastic and nine times out of ten will give a same day appointment if I have a worry about one of the kids. I’d have to then check if Daniel could come home from work to take us to said appointment. Not anymore!
  9. People won’t nag me anymore. I come from a family of professional drivers. The all drive lorries, my Grandparents own a driver hire company and an HGV training company. I am a disappointment no longer!
  10. The most important one! And pretty much what all of these points boil down to, I’m not reliant on anyone. Poor Daniel has spent five years driving me around. Now it’s my turn to chauffeur him around. I’ve never seen him so excited. (Although, if doesn’t stop telling me how to drive I’ll kick him out of the car and he can walk.)

So,  in short, my life is gonna change a whole lot. Bring. It. On.


About Beth Mackintosh

Mum of two, well, three if you count the man child. Weddings, skating competitions and the smell of a new book 👌🏼
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